Hikurangi in the Himalayas

A series of meetings in Asia starting next week for Hikurangi Cannabis will progress discussions with research and production partners in a region that is rapidly opening up to the legal cannabis industry.

“Last week we saw the government in Thailand approve medical cannabis, the Philippines, Malaysia and South Korea are all shifting quickly and others are following. It is important for our business to develop long-term relationships with trusted partners throughout Asia” said CEO Manu Caddie.

Mr Caddie has been to Nepal twice previously and is looking to progress relationships with a university in Kathmandu and communities in two regions within the mountainous country.

Many varieties of cannabis originate in the Himalayan region and indigenous communities still use it for traditional medicines. Hikurangi has formed a partnership with researchers from Nepal and India to support cannabis growing communities as they characterise, protect and commercialise landrace strains from their area.

Hikurangi is a founding partner in FairCann, a global Fair Trade cannabis association that is setting labour and environmental standards.

“In time we hope to cross some of these original genetics with the plants grown in New Zealand and we are extending our research relationships with universities and commercial partners throughout Asia from Japan, China and Cambodia through the Silk Road countries all the way to Afghanistan and Eastern Europe.”

During his trip Mr Caddie will be meeting with companies from Thailand, India, China, Japan and Cambodia to discuss opportunities for trade in cannabis seeds, medicines and natural health products.

– – –

Photo Credit: Aljazeera

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