Hikurangi Cannabis Company is committed to delivering affordable access to proven products.

As the first company in New Zealand to be granted a medical cannabis cultivation license, our focus is on cultivating, GMP manufacturing and clinically proving medicinal cannabis products for both domestic and international markets.

New Zealand is uniquely positioned due to it’s open legal environment, strong agricultural skill base, global reputation for high quality products and compliant medical system that has already legalised CBD as a prescription medicine and provides access to higher THC products.

Hikurangi Cannabis Company offers a unique combination of experience in plant-based bioactives and drug discovery, cannabis genetics and international partnerships that may be unmatched in New Zealand.

Hikurangi has already completed initial cultivation and processing research. In 2018 we established a breeding facility for both indoor and outdoor cultivation of cannabis, a multi-year breeding programme as part of a global plant genetics collaboration and associated analytical testing. GAP cultivation and GMP medicine manufacturing facilities for Hikurangi are currently under construction in the Tairāwhiti region.

We anticipate securing a medicines manufacturing license by the first quarter of 2020 which will allow us to begin commercial production.

We aim to have full scale export production as well as final product form manufacture in place to coincide with domestic market expansion positioning us as a premier New Zealand producer of medical cannabis products.


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Hikurangi Cannabis Company is a founding member of the New Zealand Medical Cannabis Council. The Council is building an inclusive platform that identifies and communicates common priorities for the medicinal cannabis industry in New Zealand, ensuring well-considered development of the sector to deliver the highest quality and most accessible medicinal cannabis products to New Zealanders.

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Hikurangi Cannabis Company is a member of Committee D37 on Cannabis of ASTM International, a global standards setting body with over 12,000 industry standards. Formed in 2017, Committee D37 develops standards for cannabis, its products and processes. Committee activities focus on meeting the needs of the cannabis industry to address quality and safety through the development of voluntary consensus standards. Subcommittees focus on the development of test methods, practices and guides for cultivation, quality assurance, laboratory considerations, packaging and security.


Hikurangi Cannabis Company is a founding member of Fair Cann, a global initiative to make the cannabis industry more equitable, sustainable and accessible. FairCann exists because in a world where cannabis is legal, available and globally-traded, we need ethical stewardship and equity.